Warna-Warni Laser Tembus Langit Malam Kota London

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Sebuah gedung pencakar langit mencuri perhatian kota London. Cahaya emas dan laser tampak berpendar dari dalam bangunan.

Landmark: The Shard, glowing gold in the London skyline last night, was lit up by 12 lasers and 30 searchlights to celebrate the external completion of the tallest building in Europe

Shard close-up: A helicopter captures the 95-storey skyscraper up close as it shines blue and green lasers stretch out into central London

Crowds gather on Tower Bridge and take photographs as the sky is lit up by the Shard and its green protruding lasers

Lasers shoot from the Shard as it towers above a spectacular panorama of central London, with St Paul's Cathedral on the left, Tower Bridge in the centre, and the south bank of the Thames on the right

Crowds gather on Parliament Hill to watch as the night sky is lit up by the light and laser show. Canary Wharf and the city of the London are on the left and St Paul's Cathedral glows white in front of the pink Shard

The Shard lights up behind Tower Bridge on the south bank of the River Thames as Europe's tallest tower officially opens

Lasers dart out into the night sky from the 1,016 tall skyscraper, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano

A Lord of the Rings fan holds up a placard that reads 'ALL HAIL SAURON', comparing the lit tower to the glowing lair of the fantasy franchise's evil antagonist

Glowing gold: Those not lucky enough to have a view of the Shard, could log online to watch a live stream of the light show

Laser show: Lights emanating from the Shard drew colourful lines across the clear London night sky as Europe's tallest building celebrated its opening

Spectacular: Crowds gatherd in central London last night to watch the impressive laser display beamed from The Shard

Stunning: The Shard was lit up by blue, yellow and pink lights as green lasers emanated from Europe's tallest building

A view from the other side of the River Thames shows The Shard as it dominated the skyline in London during a laser show

Green lasers are shone from the tower (left) while later on in the show floodlights are beamed out of the building's base

Colourful: The night is illuminated as a surface of The Shard turns pink and green lasers bounce off the sky

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